TONIGHT: Comics & Animation by Stefan Gruber!

Join us TONIGHT, Wednesday, July 24th at 7 pm for a screening and performance of comics and animation by Stefan Gruber, an experimental animator and performance artist from Seattle. His three-part act includes live animation, a live voice performance, and an entertaining array of audience interaction that is rarely seen elsewhere in the world of animation!

Gruber's work has appeared in Kramer's Ergot and the SOS anthologies. His dvd collection, handmade flip books and new comic book Both Worlds will be making their Canadian debut here today.

In Gruber's new comic Both Worlds, deities living on the tops of neighboring mountains trade their secrets about how to take care of the flora, fauna, and animals on their mountainsides. Both Worlds exists now as a comic, a film with live elements, and a giant mural in Seattle's Cal Anderson Park. Montreal is the main destination for his 27 city tour this summer!

See more of Gruber's animation here.

Facebook Event 

Wednesday, July 24th at 7 pm! 211 Bernard Ouest!

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