It's that time again: Optic Nerve No. 13!

I know you've all been jonesing for a new installment of Adrian Tomine's Optic Nerve for two entire years, but don't worry, it's here ahead of schedule, courtesy of D&Q! These two new stories are just as thoughtful and meticulous as any of Tomine's work: with a style that's equally filmic and literary, he's a master of drawing the universal element out of personal devastation.

This time around, it's a pair of troubled 12-steppers and a young Japanese mother that feature, all rendered with the same fine touch that's made his reputation as one of the finest comics artists working today. Make sure to get a copy—rumour has it that future Tomine releases will be rolling out from from now on!

KIDDING. You don't even have to flip open the cover to see how that idea would go down! And that's what makes Optic Nerve such a delightful gem—perfectly capped off with another round of fan mail at the back.

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