Rock Camp for (Riot) Grrrls!

This week is an exciting week, not just because the dreadful humidity has abated, but because it's Rock Camp For Girls week in Montreal! Rock Camp For Girls Montreal, one of many similar camps in cities across the land, gives girls aged 10-17 the chance to form a band, learn to play their instruments of choice (including their vocal cords), write a song, and perform at a showcase, all within the space of a week. I've been to some of the shows over the years, and let me tell you, the campers always blow everyone's socks off!

This year's Rock Camp For Girls showcase is this Saturday, July 27, at 5pm, at Sala Rossa. You should definitely go! And be sure to buy your tickets in advance, because it just might sell out!

So, in honour of this great event, we've got a couple riotously relevant books for you:

Rock'n'Roll Camp For Girls provides fun and simple instructions for grrrls (of all ages) who want to take rocking out into their own capable hands. Each section is written by a different woman/group of women - and each provides some essential guidance on playing an instrument, starting a band, setting up sound equipment, booking a show, and building solid community around & through music. There's even a forward by Carrie Browstein of the most excellent Sleater-Kinney (fun fact: yours truly is in a Sleater-Kinney cover band that formed for a Rock Camp For Girls fundraiser last year)!

The Riot Grrrl Collection offers a history of riot grrrl through a scrapbook-style collection of posters, flyers, and zine excerpts. As Lisa Darms writes in her introduction, the Riot Grrrl movement was complex and contradictory, never "a single thing" or an isolated phenomenon. Like other movements for liberation, it inspired, it fought, and it united people through anger, creativity and resistance. It also made mistakes, and excluded people, and ended up, like many other movements, becoming less culturally and politically relevant through its lack of self-examination. This collection is offered as a history, and as a call for the creation of new groups, projects, and movements that can learn from the breakthroughs and shortcomings of riot grrrls past in order to build new feminist movements for resistance against all forms of power!

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