Stefan Gruber's interactive animations!

All photos courtesy of David Bradford--thanks!

Last week we were happy to host Seattle-based animator and cartoonist Stefan Gruber on his current epic tour--especially since Montreal was the furthest he'll be traveling from home.

The audience got to order from a menu to pick which animations and performance pieces we'd be watching, which was super fun! We started out with a couple of "Psychic Portraits," in which Stefan, as the self-professed son of a "psychic-slash-ghost-buster," would improvise an animation to illustrate the personal vibes of our two lovely audience volunteers. Then we got to watch the result.

We watched a bunch of animations, both old and new, hand-made and Flash-based. The spacey, jazzy scores sounded great!

One of Stefan's newest animated shorts is called "Both Worlds" -- it's difficult to describe how neat his live narration was, complete with improv synth back-up from his partner Vida and some rousing audience participation. It was just very nice to hear a roomful of adults un-self-consciously reading out strings of rapidly shifting syllables that made us all sound like we were making weird mooing noises.

He left us with some super sweet flipbooks that you can come check out at the store if you missed the event. Thanks, Stefan!

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