Brian Ralph's robotic, raucous Reggie-12!

It's here! Brian Ralph's sitcom-style robot-boy strips have finally been put into a this hardcover beaut of a book. Equal parts send-up and homage, the jokes in here are on point but also totally off the wall—Reggie splits his time between battling foes with names like "Doomsday-99" or "Gigantaman" and, say, showing around his foreign exchange robot, Bjorn. And also seriously, let's take a a closer look at that spot gloss...

Aww yea. Not that we're biased, but this cover is very handsome!

If you're a fan of kickin' butt and/or crackin' wise, you should probably check out Reggie-12. Bonus non-robot laffs: Caspar the cat's cutting commentary is the best.

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