Pics from the launch of Adam Gollner's Book of Immortality!

We were very pleased to host Mile End-er Adam Gollner this week as he launched his second book, The Book of Immortality! It is quite the handsome tome.

Such a great turnout! Despite a certain inevitable sweatiness in the air (it seems that August dropped back in to visit for one day only), everyone was completely lovely and spirits were high as the store filled up.

Adam told the backstory to the interview he did with David Copperfield for Immortality, which took place rather improbably on the magician's private island in the Bahamas, which, even more improbably, is the location of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Then, oh yea, I guess it really sucks if you weren't there because Adam revealed the secret to living forever but told us all not to tell.

KIDDING. Only David Copperfield can tell you that. Anyway, it was great hanging out with all y'all! Thanks to Adam and everyone for making the night such a success.

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