Signed copies round-up!

We've had some pretty excellent events so far this year (thanks in part to your loyal attendance), and that means that we have an exciting selection of signed copies still available at the store! 

Here's the rundown:

From our BIGGEST EVENT EVER on August 7, literary rockstar Neil Gaiman's recent tale of fantasy, dark memories, and magical neighbours, The Ocean At the End of the Lane.

From last week's rousing launch party, local writer Adam Leith Gollner's probe into the infinite The Book of Immortality. And from his in-store book signing during Just For Laughs, Marc Maron's latest comedic offering, Attempting Normal.

From their joint-launch in May, local artist (and store employee!) Julie Delporte's gorgeous Journal (Koyama Press) and internationally published Hong Kong artist Chihoi's The Library (Conundrum Press).

From May's joint-launch with Lisa Hanawalt, Michael Kupperman's epic and hilarious Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Volume Two (Fantagraphics). And from the revered Gilbert Hernandez's visit to Montreal in April, his recent D+Q published semi-autobiographical work, Marble Season.

Come by and get a signed book or two! We won't even make you go through the lengthy and taxing work of waiting in a book-signing line!

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