October 3: Emily Southwood Launches Prude!

Montreal author Emily Southwood thought she was confident in her relationship and comfortable with the subject of sex in general, until her fiancé lands a lucrative job filming porn for a network reality TV show in Los Angeles and she’s suddenly forced to confront her fundamental discomfort with the porn industry. Join us on October 3 at 7 p.m. for a reading and signing of her new book Prude: Lessons I Learned When My Fiancé Filmed Porn, the humorous and heartfelt story of her journey.

Prude: Lessons I Learned When My Fiancé Filmed Porn is the true story of Southwood coming to terms with what she once thought was a sexually liberal attitude. With her fiancé’s new gig, she’s forced to face deep-seated emotions and concerns she never knew she had—about the treatment of women in the porn industry, the hush-hush attitude toward women watching pornography, and the unrealistic expectations about sex that are often propagated by porn.

Laugh-out-loud funny and resonant, Prude is one woman’s journey as she confronts her fundamental discomfort with the porn industry, as well as a humorous exploration about why there is so little communication about porn in today’s world.

© Robert Vroom
Emily Southwood has written for Betty Confidential, Huffington Post, Montreal Mirror, The Globe and Mail, and Elle Canada. She received a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from Concordia University in Montreal and later completed an MFA in creative non-fiction from the University of British Columbia. In 2008, Emily moved to Los Angeles to be with her fiancé, who was there filming porn stars in action for the reality TV show Webdreams. The experience of planning a wedding while her betrothed witnessed crude encounters inspired this book. She now resides in Montreal with her husband, son, and dog. 

Thursday, October 3rd at 7 pm! 211 Bernard Ouest!

New Leanne Shapton!

Did you LOVE Shapton's The Native Trees of Canada, but kind of wish it featured more appearances by such classic film stars as Roberto Benigni and Catherine Deneuve? Well, get this:

D&Q has just released Sunday Night Movies, a gorgeous collection of Leanne Shapton’s Sunday Night Paintings!! These are a series of illustrated scenes from films that Shapton watched on Sunday nights, originally published individually in the New Yorker.

Shapton’s stye is characterized by an ideal blend of moodiness and dreaminess, and though her renderings are totally accurate, they also give an expansive sense of depth to her celluloid subjects.

As Shapton explains in the New Yorker, she started off simply painting film elements that grabbed her attention, but, after 76 paintings, started to notice some common themes in her own work, including letterform in title sequences, and the "two-shot" - the classic two-person scene, often featuring both actors in profile.

If you're already a movie buff, you'll love this! And if you are not yet a movie lover, this might turn you into one!

Today, 1pm! : Sunday, Sept 29th! Kid's Day!

Today -  Sunday, September 29th we will be having an afternoon party at the bookstore! We are delighted to welcome local illustrator Isabelle Arsenault and author Jean Pendziwol (joining us all the way from Thunder Bay) at 1 p.m. for a reading and signing of their new children's book Once Upon a Northern Night. Then Kid Koala will be here for an audio performance based on his graphic novel Space Cadet!

Isabelle Arsenault has illustrated numerous children's books in French and English, including some of our store favourites: Virginia Wolf, which won the Governor General's Award for children's literature, and the children's graphic novel Jane, the Fox and Me, recently translated into English and published by Groundwood books. We are delighted to welcome Isabelle back to the bookstore to celebrate the launch of Once Upon a Northern Night!

Jean E. Pendziwol was born and raised in northwestern Ontario where she draws on the culture, history and geography of the region for inspiration for her stories.  She has eight published picture books for children in addition to having a diverse career as a freelance writer for magazine and commercial purposes.We are excited that she is traveling all the way to Montreal for the launch of her new book!

Kid Koala presents Space Cadet, a “quiet time” immersive headphone experience based on his second graphic novel. Dubbed “a triumph of whimsy” by Spin magazine, the audience listens through individual headphone systems as Kid Koala brings his Space Cadet score to life on a piano and turntables, accompanied by delicate animations inspired by his book. Through a special collaboration with International Flavors and Fragrances Inc., the world’s foremost experts in the art of perfumery, Kid Koala also add custom scents to the experience, making it a true feast for all the senses.

Sunday, September 29th at 1 pm! 211 Bernard Ouest!

TONIGHT! Lemon Hound launches issue #6/ 1st anniversary! Friday, September 27th!

Since its inception, Lemon Hound has evolved from the personal blog of the inimitable Sina Queyras into a full-fledged bimonthly web magazine that publishes poetry, criticism, and commentary with a special (but not exclusive) focus on experimental writing and female voices. It's now one year since the publication moved from blogspot to Lemonhound.com, so in celebration of Lemon Hound’s first anniversary as an online literary journal, please join us tonight, the 27th of September (Friday) at 7 p.m. for an unforgettable night of readings by an all star cast: Anita Lahey, Josip Novakovich, Dani Couture, Robin Richardson, Clara Aimee Wall and Nicholas Papaxanthos.

Anita Lahey

Anita Lahey’s second collection of poems, Spinning Side Kick, was released by Véhicule Press (of Montreal) in 2011. Her first book, Out to Dry in Cape Breton (2006), was nominated for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry and the Ottawa Book Award, and she is a past winner of the Great Blue Heron Poetry Prize and the Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem. She served as editor of Arc Poetry Magazine from 2004 to 2011, and is also a journalist who has written on a wide range of topics for publications such as The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Toronto Life, and Quill & Quire.

Josip Novakovich

Josip Novakovich, a short-story writer, novelist and writer of narrative essays, was born in 1956 what is now Croatia and grew up under the authoritarian rule of Marshal Tito near the Hungarian border in the central Croatian town of Daruvar. He studied medicine in Serbia, and then moved to America, where his mother had been born, and continued his studies, in psychology and then in creative writing, at Vassar College and at Yale. He lives in Montreal, where he teaches creative writing at Concordia University, and he has recently taken Canadian citizenship. His three short-story collections, Yolk, Salvation and Other Disasters and Infidelities: Stories of War and Lust, all contain work that is darkly comic. He is known in particular for his depiction of violence, and for his writing about the Yugoslav war and its atrocities. His writing has been notably published in America, and Keith Botsford in The Republic of Letters praised him for “an economy of style and narrative that all good readers will relish.”

Dani Couture

Dani Couture is the author of two collections of poetry: Good Meat (Pedlar Press, 2006) and Sweet (Pedlar Press, 2010). Sweet was named one of Maisy’s Best Books of 2010 by Maisonneuve Magazine and nominated for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry; Sweet won the ReLit Award for poetry. In 2011, Dani also received an Honour of Distinction from The Writers’ Trust Dayne Ogilvie Prize. Her debut novel, Algoma, was published in fall 2011 by Invisible Publishing. Her writing has appeared in a number of publications including The Globe and Mail, Grain, The Walrus, and a number of anthologies. She is the literary editor at This Magazine and office manager at The Walrus Foundation, which publishes The Walrus. Couture is currently at work on a second novel. Her third collection of poetry is forthcoming from Mansfield Press in Spring 2014.

Robin Richardson

Robin Richardson is the author of  Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis (forthcoming with ECW Press, 2013) and Grunt of the Minotaur (Insomniac Press, 2011).  Her work has appeared in many journals including Best Canadian Poetry 2013, Tin House, Arc, Fjords, Witness, The Berkeley Poetry Review, The Malahat Review, and The Cortland Review. She has been shortlisted for the ReLit award, longlisted for the CBC Poetry Award, and has won the John B. Santoianni Award (awarded by The Academy of American Poets) and the Joan t. Baldwin Award. She holds an MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence, and currently divides her time between Toronto, and New York.

Clara Aimee Wall

Aimee Wall is a writer from Newfoundland currently studying translation at Concordia University. Her essays, criticism and translations have appeared and are forthcoming in Maisonneuve, Lemon Hound, Matrix Magazine and The Coming Envelope.

Nicholas Papaxanthos

Nicholas Papaxanthos is currently living in Montreal, pursuing an MA with a focus in creative writing at Concordia University. He recently put together the chapbook Teeth, Untucked with Proper Tales Press, and has been published in the anthologies Lake Effect 5 and 529, as well as in The New Chief Tongue 10Sandwich Review, and This Magazine.

New In Stock: Jonathan Franzen's The Kraus Project!

In an article published in The Guardian last week, Jonathan Franzen lamented our “media-saturated, technology-crazed, apocalypse-haunted historical moment” while praising the kindred spirit he'd found in the early-20th-century Viennese cultural critic Karl Kraus, who diagnosed similar problems in his own age. That article was an excerpt of Franzen's new book, a collection of Kraus' essays translated and extensively annotated by Franzen, which we just received.

In his own day, Kraus' magazine Die Fackel (The Torch) was religiously read by all the leading intelligentsia, including Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin. He was also notoriously cantankerous, and a vociferous critic of mass media, consumerism, and the mechanization of society. “The most impressive thing about Kraus as a thinker,” writes Franzen, “may be how early and clearly he recognized the divergence of technological progress from moral and spiritual progress.”

Whether or not you hate the internet as much as Jonathan Franzen (who could?), there's plenty of food for thought to be had between these pages. Check this glowing review from the Los Angeles Review of Books for more info:

"If Kraus’s views about modernity and especially about technology have something to say to us (despite expressing his fear of overstating the parallels, Franzen believes they bear significantly on our own cultural and technological moment), they seem to fly in the face of one of our biggest assumptions: that technology unleashes our creative sides. This belief is so prevalent in our culture that it has become both a cliché and a practice, which is why we see it manifesting itself in everything from Apple commercials and apps to our classrooms — without appearing to give anyone pause"

Big deal biography: Salinger!!

It's about time we all got a li'l more of the inside scoop on everyone's favourite genius recluse! David Shields and Shane Salerno have spent nine whole years dredging up every bit of biographical info on Salinger that was there to dredge, and have compiled their materials into a hefty thriller-style tome released in conjunction with a feature-length documentary. There's a whole wealth of testimonies and archival evidence to explain what it is about Salinger's life that made him... well, Salinger. The parts about his grueling war-time experience and the never-before-seen letters of his youth are particularly exciting. A must-read for mega-fans and the merely curious alike.

New Nicholson Baker: The Traveling Sprinkler!

Paul Chowder is back! In Nicholson Baker's tenth novel, the zany minor poet has traded in his bassoon for an acoustic guitar, but has certainly retained all of the quirks that so charmed us in The Anthology. But what do we expect from an author who has written about such varied subjects as Jiffy Pop, footnotes, the invention of perforated paper, grooves in vinyl albums, The Bourne Identity’s musical score, Debussy, 35-mm movie projectors, Stravinsky’s use of the bassoon in The Rite of Spring, fingernail clippers, paper mills, Joseph Pulitzer, drinking fountains, what the size of people’s mouths says about them, sampling software and irrigation systems?

Phew! Naturally, The Traveling Sprinkler is also so breathlessly brimming with details and minute insights that you're glad there's not much of a plot to shoulder in on Baker's gleefully original ideas. A great pick-me-up read for these first grey days of fall. AND, as always, 20% off hardcover fiction!

Brand new Pynchon - Bleeding Edge - now in store!

Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge, just in! Now that fall is officially upon us, it's the perfect time to cozy up with a hot beverage and a new book. Don't forget that all of our hardcover fiction is 20% off. Bonus!!

Pynchon’s latest begins in New York City, spring 2001, in the wake of the dot-com bubble-burst and leading up to the world-changing events of 9/11. The story follows protagonist Maxine Tarnow, a (sort-of) single Upper East Side mom who doubles as an unlicensed fraud investigator as she chases down shady silicon alley scammers. In the process, Pynchon encapsulates the general weirdness which permeated the cultural climate of that dawn of the millennium-era. Despite the rather bleak nature implied in telling 9/11 story, Pynchon employs his trademark humour and wordplay throughout this paranoia-infused slice of American historical fiction. A must-read for die-hard fans, though not nearly as dense as Gravity's Rainbow and its ilk, Bleeding Edge could also be a good starting point for those curious about dabbling further into Pynchon's body of work.

Louis Riel turns ten!!

Well, Chester Brown's iconic Louis is turning ten, anyway. And to celebrate, D&Q has come out with a new paperback edition stuffed with archival goodies!

...plus a lovely new cover, in hues that are at least 25% more psychedelic than the original edition. Louis is also looking much statelier, I must say!

And also, get on this: so many pages of bonus materials at the back! Check out these noses from the cutting-room floor, for instance.

It's also a real delight to see all the covers and imagine the ancient ol' days when Louis Riel was a serialized comic, and not the monolith of Canadian literature that it is today. And if you've never given it a read it, really? Now could be the time!

Ce soir/ Tonight!!House of Anansi double launch with Perrine Leblanc and Louis Hamelin!

You are invited to join us at the bookstore tonight, Thursday, September 19, at 7pm, for a double book launch with House of Anansi, featuring Kolia, by Perrine Leblanc, and October 1970, by Louis Hamelin. Both books have been translated into English from their original French, and are some of the first titles published under the Anansi imprint Arachnide, which was launched in July 2013 and specializes in French-to-English translations.

Set against the backdrop of Stalinism and then the collapse of the USSR, Kolia (translated by David Scott Hamilton) is a luminous and unforgettable story about a boy born in a Siberian Gulag. Kolia’s life begins in a labour camp in eastern Siberia in 1937. Iosif, a fellow prisoner, teaches him the basic knowledge for survival in the harsh environment of the Gulag, along with calculus, Russian, and French, before disappearing. After Stalin’s death, Kolia is released and thrown into Soviet society. He joins a circus in Moscow, where he finds the comfort of a family, despite still being haunted by memories of Iosif and the Gulag.

Perrine Leblanc was born in Montreal in 1980. Her first novel, published under the title L’homme blanc in Quebec and Kolia in France, won the Governor General’s Literary Award for French Fiction. She lives in Montreal.

In the tradition of Don DeLillo’s Libra, October 1970 (translated by Wayne Grady) is a thrilling fictional account of the events that shaped one of the most volatile moments in recent history.Thirty years after the October Crisis, Sam Nihilo, a freelance writer whose career is in a slump, is drawn to the conspiracy theories that have proliferated in the wake of the events. While investigating the death of one of the FLQ hostages, Nihilo sees his life consumed by an inquiry that leads him further into a flurry of facts, both known and newly discovered. Soon, secret agents, corrupt police officers, politicians, and former terrorists of the Front de Libération du Québec form a mysterious constellation around him. At the centre of this network lies a complicated and dangerous truth.
Louis Hamelin is a novelist and academic. His novel La Rage won the Governor General’s Literary Award for French Fiction in 1989. He is a literary critic for Le Devoir and Ici Montréal. He lives in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

We are very excited about this event, fond as we are of both local writers and literature made accessible in multiple languages! We hope to see you here!

Co-Mix: Art Spiegelman Out Today!

People! I don't know what to say, there's no overstating this. This is big! This is the book you've been missing in your already estimable collection: Co-Mix!

Co-Mix is a "retrospective of comics, graphics, and scraps" from the co-editor (with Françoise Mouly) of Raw magazine, a key member of the team behind Topps' Wacky Packages bubble gum card series (and therefore the beloved Garbage Pail Kids), the illustrator behind many of the New Yorker's most iconic and controversial covers and, of course, the author of the first and only Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel - Maus. 

Co-Mix collects obscurities along with the classic stuff, presenting a comprehensive and very necessary career overview of a king of the underground. A gorgeous compendium that illustrates the genius of a genius of illustration: the one and only Art Spiegelman!

NEW START DATE for Howard Chackowicz's Comics & Cartooning Workshop: September 24th!

We are super-happy to welcome Mr. Chackowicz back to Librairie Drawn + Quarterly to lead his first workshop for us in a few years! Please note that we have pushed the start date of the workshop series forward one week, to September 24. This means you can still sign up! Give us a call, or come by the store - whatever you do, don't let this chance pass you by!

Sept. 24, Oct. 1, 8, 15 (all Tuesdays)
Workshop will be taught in a combination of French and English, depending on participant needs!
Suggested participant age is 16, due to some "mature" content and discussion (sex, politics in comics, etc.), but this is flexible/up to the participant (or the participant's parents)

What you'll need (not supplied):
paper, HB pencil, soft eraser, sharpener, one thin black permanent marker, one thick black permanent marker (eg. STAEDTLER Lumocolor "Fine" and one "Medium" or anything like that) and a ruler.

This workshop covers the basics of cartooning and making comics, with a focus on creativity, self-expression and the development of personal style.

Cartoon drawing fundamentals (different drawing styles for figures and forms, penciling and inking, lettering, shading, movement, etc.) and comic art basics (developing ideas or narratives, panel and page composition, timing, using word/thought bubbles, etc.) will be explored and then creatively applied. Working with each person's particular style and abilities, participants will complete cartoon pages, a mini comic and a full comic page (or pages)!

A little bit about Howard:

Though Howard is one of Montreal's most beloved cartoonists (his book "Howie Action Comix" is published by Conundrum Press), you may also be familiar with his work as an actor, musician (Nutsak, American Devices, Land of Kush), restaurant reviewer and, of course, as a regular on CBC Radio One's WireTap alongside other Librairie D+Q faves, Jonathan Goldstein and Jon Tucker!

As mentioned, Howard has previously held workshops at our store. He has also taught at the (now defunct) Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, and at French and English schools throughout Quebec for the Montreal English Language School Board, Blue Metropolis and local private businesses. All-in-all, he's got seventeen years of experience teaching comics and cartooning to adults, teens and children in Montreal!

 LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPOTS AVAILABLE! Come in and sign-up soon!

Finnish comics / bandes dessinées finlandaises !

En provenance directe du festival de bande dessinée d'Helsinki, la librairie a depuis aujourd'hui une collection de comics finlandais! Vous ne comprenez pas cette langue impénétrable? Pas de soucis, tout est sous-titré en anglais.

Coup de coeur pour ce petit fanzine d'Amanda Vahamaki, In the Garden.

Et aussi pour le livre Father par Hanneriina Moisseinen, une histoire autobiographique sobre et poétique, avec des passages somptueusement réalisés en broderie.

Et comme il y avait plein d'invités internationaux dans ce festival lointain, on a aussi ramené des jolis livres accordéons de Lilli Carré (photo ci-dessus), un livre de Valentine Gallardo (Belgique), un de Max Baitinger (Allemagne), un autre Edo Chieregato et Michelangelo Setola (publié par les italiens de Canicola), etc.

New in: Jonathan Lethem's Dissident Gardens!

We're thrilled to get our hands on Jonathan Lethem's highly-anticipated new novel, and it looks like a blockbuster! Quite possibly his most ambitious work to date, this sprawling, riotous tome aims for the realm of the classically BIG Great American Novel. Dissident Gardens follows three generations of U.S. radical leftists, from 1930s Communist Party meetings to the rise of McCarthyism, the establishment of the New York Mets, the Greenwich Village hippie-folk scene of the 60s and the AIDS crisis, with brief ventures abroad to such places as Iron-Curtain East Germany and war-torn Nicaragua, ending in the Obama era of Occupy protests and surveillance paranoia.

Focused especially on the lives of two powerful women, communist Rose Zimmer and her activist daughter Mariam, Lethem once again demonstrates his particular aptitude for weaving the intimately personal with the capital-H historical in a maximalist style packed with colourful characters, pop culture commentary, and  vivid evocations of vernacular speech. Dig in!

Some praise for Dissident Gardens:

"Dissident Gardens is, in part, a personalized history of the American left. Lethem captures optimistic communists and hippies in moments when they feel triumphant — and follows them to their political doom. For America has been a leftist graveyard, as the current historical moment of bank bailouts and half-hearted (but virulently resisted) health care reform makes clear. Still, doom is possibly too final a word: something always survives each dissident movement, to be taken up anew, in fresh forms." - Mohson Hamid, author of How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia 

"Though Dissident Gardens is sometimes overcrowded by all of the things history discards in its wake, including other novels, it has ambition to spare. With this effort, Lethem yearns to make sense of a century of American longing, the same longing that created the very notion of the Great American Novel. And if the author comes up short, that only means more yearning, more longing, and (hopefully) more novels like this one. Mailer be damned." - Gregg LaGambina, The Onion A.V. Club

Autumn Reading for Kids + Teens

To celebrate the arrival of fall, and in anticipation of those chilly days ahead spent curled up reading, all our kids and young adult books will be 10% off all this week!

Here are some of our picks:

Books for tiny readers (suggested ages 0-3): Paul Thurlby's Alphabet by Paul Thurlby, Romeo & Juliet from the Babylit series, Océano, a pop-up book by Anouck Boisrobert, and L'abc de Monsieur Pizza, a bilingual ABC book by Ohara Hale.

Picture books for emerging readers (suggested ages 3 to 6): No Fits, Nilson! by Zachariah Ohora, Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle, Time for Bed Fred by Yasmeen Ismail and Francis, the Little Fox by Véronique Boisjoly and Katty Maurey.

Comics and graphic novels for kids (suggested ages ranging from 4 to 12): Akissi: Feline Invasion by Marguerite Abouet and Mathieu Sapin, Jane, the Fox and Me by Isabelle Arsenault and Fanny Britt, Hilda et la parade des oiseaux by Luke Pearson, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'engle, adapted by Hope Larson...

... Anna & Froga: I dunno, what do you want to do? by Anouk Ricard, Ariol: Thunder Horse by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant, Adventure Time: Playing with Fire by Danielle Corsetto, Jack Sterline and J. J Harrison and Pippi Fixes Everything by Astrid Lindgren.

Books for young adults: Coraline by Neil Gaiman, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and Mermaid in Chelsea Creek by Michelle Tea.

Come and visit us this weekend and pick up some new reads. All regular hardcover fiction will be 20% off, as always!

Cute overload! Veronique Boisjoly's Francis the Little Fox

New in the store this week- Francis the Little Fox by Veronique Boisjoly. Evoking the sense of adventure and mischief that kids can create in even the most quotidien activities, each page of this delightful book is jam-packed with charm. Children and adults alike will love the adorable illustrations and the humourous story.

Meet Francis, a dapper young fox who appreciates peace and quiet. Francis loves to go to the laundromat with his father, and upholds his impeccable sartorial standards even on laundry days!

At Mr. Li's laundromat, Francis finds solace from the racket and ruckus that his sister makes at home. After all, "the laundromat is for behaving, not for being loud."

The laundromat is also the home of a cat called Mouse (who doesn't appreciate people poking fun at his name.)

The peace and tranquility of the laundromat is menaced by but one thing: Mr. Li's granddaughter, Lily Rain Boots. Here is Francis's rendition of her, complete with "too perfect hair, horrible yellow ballon and matching yellow rain boots."

Although she's a little mischievious and likes to play tricks on laundromat-goers, she is not so horrible as Francis's drawing would have you believe. Look, she's cute as a button, stomping in the suds with her yellow boots! (Though Mouse in the background seems rather unamused by her antics.)

It must be said that Lily can get a little carried away though, as evidenced by the fact that Mouse flees the laundromat in a panic during a prank gone awry.

No spoilers here - if you want to find out what happens to Lily, Francis and friends in the wake of Mouse's hasty, unplanned exodus from the laundromat, you'll have to come down to the store to pick up a copy and see for yourself. (Hint: there's a happy ending, so don't worry too much about poor, scaredy-cat Mouse!)

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