Co-Mix: Art Spiegelman Out Today!

People! I don't know what to say, there's no overstating this. This is big! This is the book you've been missing in your already estimable collection: Co-Mix!

Co-Mix is a "retrospective of comics, graphics, and scraps" from the co-editor (with Fran├žoise Mouly) of Raw magazine, a key member of the team behind Topps' Wacky Packages bubble gum card series (and therefore the beloved Garbage Pail Kids), the illustrator behind many of the New Yorker's most iconic and controversial covers and, of course, the author of the first and only Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel - Maus. 

Co-Mix collects obscurities along with the classic stuff, presenting a comprehensive and very necessary career overview of a king of the underground. A gorgeous compendium that illustrates the genius of a genius of illustration: the one and only Art Spiegelman!

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