Cute overload! Veronique Boisjoly's Francis the Little Fox

New in the store this week- Francis the Little Fox by Veronique Boisjoly. Evoking the sense of adventure and mischief that kids can create in even the most quotidien activities, each page of this delightful book is jam-packed with charm. Children and adults alike will love the adorable illustrations and the humourous story.

Meet Francis, a dapper young fox who appreciates peace and quiet. Francis loves to go to the laundromat with his father, and upholds his impeccable sartorial standards even on laundry days!

At Mr. Li's laundromat, Francis finds solace from the racket and ruckus that his sister makes at home. After all, "the laundromat is for behaving, not for being loud."

The laundromat is also the home of a cat called Mouse (who doesn't appreciate people poking fun at his name.)

The peace and tranquility of the laundromat is menaced by but one thing: Mr. Li's granddaughter, Lily Rain Boots. Here is Francis's rendition of her, complete with "too perfect hair, horrible yellow ballon and matching yellow rain boots."

Although she's a little mischievious and likes to play tricks on laundromat-goers, she is not so horrible as Francis's drawing would have you believe. Look, she's cute as a button, stomping in the suds with her yellow boots! (Though Mouse in the background seems rather unamused by her antics.)

It must be said that Lily can get a little carried away though, as evidenced by the fact that Mouse flees the laundromat in a panic during a prank gone awry.

No spoilers here - if you want to find out what happens to Lily, Francis and friends in the wake of Mouse's hasty, unplanned exodus from the laundromat, you'll have to come down to the store to pick up a copy and see for yourself. (Hint: there's a happy ending, so don't worry too much about poor, scaredy-cat Mouse!)

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