New art books in stock!

We just got some exciting new titles for our art section, check them out!

Cindy Sherman is among the most acclaimed and influential artists working today, and this new catalogue, produced by a trio of European museums, focuses on a menacing streak in her work: the grotesque, uncanny, and extraordinary. Most notably, Sherman's new images are accompanied by imaginative texts from prominent authors whose own writing explores similar territories of identity and self-perception: Kathy Acker, Miranda July, Karl Ove Knausgard, and Sjon.

From the Museo Picasso Malaga, we have a lavish, glossy survey of Dennis Hopper's photos of the 1960s and 70s, which is both a document of the era and a pitch for Hopper as a godfather of West Coast Pop Art.

Also, we have Lyle Rexer's groundbreaking The Edge of Vision, the first book in English to take a comprehensive look at the history of abstraction in photography. It originally came out in hardcover in 2009, but it's only just been released in paperback by the Aperture Foundation. Rexer looks at the origins of "painterly" photography in the 19th century and traces the line through modernist and surrealist experiments up to its contemporary relevance in the work of artists like James Welling, Walead Beshy, Penelope Umbrico, and Thomas Ruff.

Finally, we have the new issue of Artforum. No surprise, since we have it every month, but it's a really good one! It's got eight perspectives on this year's Venice Biennale (with the Silver-Lion-winning Camille Henrot on the cover). Also: Michael Hardt on Jonathan Crary's new book (which we'll have in stock soon), Julia Bryan-Wilson on the Museum of Non-Participation, TJ Demos on Mark Fisher, an interview with Michel Serres, etc. Pretty cool!

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