New Leanne Shapton!

Did you LOVE Shapton's The Native Trees of Canada, but kind of wish it featured more appearances by such classic film stars as Roberto Benigni and Catherine Deneuve? Well, get this:

D&Q has just released Sunday Night Movies, a gorgeous collection of Leanne Shapton’s Sunday Night Paintings!! These are a series of illustrated scenes from films that Shapton watched on Sunday nights, originally published individually in the New Yorker.

Shapton’s stye is characterized by an ideal blend of moodiness and dreaminess, and though her renderings are totally accurate, they also give an expansive sense of depth to her celluloid subjects.

As Shapton explains in the New Yorker, she started off simply painting film elements that grabbed her attention, but, after 76 paintings, started to notice some common themes in her own work, including letterform in title sequences, and the "two-shot" - the classic two-person scene, often featuring both actors in profile.

If you're already a movie buff, you'll love this! And if you are not yet a movie lover, this might turn you into one!

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