New Nicholson Baker: The Traveling Sprinkler!

Paul Chowder is back! In Nicholson Baker's tenth novel, the zany minor poet has traded in his bassoon for an acoustic guitar, but has certainly retained all of the quirks that so charmed us in The Anthology. But what do we expect from an author who has written about such varied subjects as Jiffy Pop, footnotes, the invention of perforated paper, grooves in vinyl albums, The Bourne Identity’s musical score, Debussy, 35-mm movie projectors, Stravinsky’s use of the bassoon in The Rite of Spring, fingernail clippers, paper mills, Joseph Pulitzer, drinking fountains, what the size of people’s mouths says about them, sampling software and irrigation systems?

Phew! Naturally, The Traveling Sprinkler is also so breathlessly brimming with details and minute insights that you're glad there's not much of a plot to shoulder in on Baker's gleefully original ideas. A great pick-me-up read for these first grey days of fall. AND, as always, 20% off hardcover fiction!

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