An Evening with Lemon Hound anniversary party recap

Last Friday, September 27, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was happy to host an evening with Lemon Hound to celebrate the online magazine's anniversary. Thanks to the fantastic lineup of authors, the store was packed and the event enjoyed a great turnout.


On the mic as the evening's MC was the always-gracious Sina Queyras who introduced the first author to read, Aimee Wall. 

Aimee read from Wigrum by Daniel Canty, translated by Oana Avasilichioaei.

Next up was Anita Lahey, who read from her book of essays, reviews and interviews, entitled "The Mystery Shopping Cart." She also recounted the story of one of her professors in school, who taught her to learn to love writing poetry. 

Then came Nick Papaxanthos, who encouraged audience participation while reading from his "In Preparation for the Long-Awaited I Don't Know What." 

Robin Richardson then took to the stage reading about getting close to a lion, a job at Red Lobster, and a sushi date with hipsters!

Then, with a change of pace, Josip Novakovich, the Lemon Hound fiction editor, read (from his laptop, no less) a story about the transformation of a "civilized man" into a rabid, shirtless hooligan, thanks to a particularly bloodthirsty Croatian football game.

Sina then had to stall for time by reading tweets about the event as we awaited the arrival of Dani Couture, who was stuck in traffic after driving 7 hours to make it here in time! But it was worth the wait to hear her read her poems "There must be an agreement between ground and cloud" and "Corrections" amongst others. 

All in all, a great evening. Thanks, Lemon Hound! Here's to many more anniversaries to come. 

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