Daniel Canty's Wigrum - event recap

On last Thursday, October 10, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was happy to host Daniel Canty, along with several of the folks who collaborated with him on his "inventory novel," Wigrum

First up, Geneviève Robichaud of Lemon Hound gave an introduction for Daniel et al.  

Without further ado, Daniel took to the stage to read excerpts from Wigrum. As well as being a writer, Daniel is also a director and works extensively in literature, concept design, visual arts and film. Hence, Wigrum boasts a very distinct design sensibility, and it's evident that a lot of effort was put into the graphic design and aesthetic of the book. 

Oana Avasilichioaei translated Wigrum from its original French into English. Interestingly, the French and English versions of the book are slightly different, keeping things exciting for bilingual readers!  

Daniel explained that many people contributed to the finished product of Wigrum. Fortunately for us, several of them were present and spoke with him on stage, symposium style. From left to right: Geneviève Robichaud (previously seen introducing Daniel), Estela Lopez Solis, illustrator, Raphäel Daudelin, graphic designer, Oana Avasilichioaei, translator, and of course Daniel himself, pictured here having a chuckle.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all involved! A big thanks to all of the speakers and guests for making it so. 

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