Fall Fiction Feast - Recap

On Thursday, October 17, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly hosted an evening of fiction readings with authors Matthew Heiti (Coach House Books), Rosemary Nixon (Freehand Books), Kelli Deeth (Arsenal Pulp Press) and Dana Mills (Gaspereau Press).

First up, Matthew Heiti read from The City Still Breathing. The section he read recounted the story of a Finnish-Canadian family struggling to keep up their farm as well as their decaying relationships with each other.

Next up was Rosemary Nixon, reading from Are You Ready to be Lucky? Here she is telling the tale of Rosalind and Harold, an older former couple living in the aftermath of their divorce, as well as Rosalind's subsequent relationship with her seemingly flaky lover Duncan. Also making several appearances was a snowman-biting dog named Wanda.

Then Kelli Deeth took the stage and read from The Other Side of Youth, a novel about young adults coming to terms with the fact that adulthood is not all that they expected it would be. The passage she chose to read was about the return of two grown sisters to their parental home during their mother's illness, and the disconnection they all experienced in that environment.

Last but not least, Dana Mills read from his sea-faring tale, Someone Somewhere. The principal characters are maritime men who work on a shrimp trawler off the coast of Greenland. After being at sea for so long, they are all susceptible to a phenomenon known as being 'broke-up' - described as a state 1000 times worse than cabin fever. The conditions lead to brawls and all and manner of irrational, aggressive behaviour, as we discovered from Mills' reading!

After the readings, everyone stuck around to enjoy refreshments and a visit. A big thank you goes out to all of the folks who came for the evening, as well as to the wonderful authors for sharing their work with us.

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