Give yourself a fright! A round-up of Halloween books for you

All Hallow's Eve is fast approaching! To get yourselves in a spooky mood, why not seek a little literary help? We've rounded up a slew of scary stories for all ages, which are bound to terrify, or at least cause some shivers.

For kids:

 One of our newest kids' books: Ghosts in the House (Kazuno Kohara)

 The Monstrous Book of Monsters (Libby Hamilton) even has a roving googly eye!

 Who wouldn't want to get to know Fungus the Bogeyman (Raymond Briggs)? Look at that face!

This book still terrifies some adult friends of mine, but is technically intended for kids: The Witches, by master storyteller, Roald Dahl

For young adults:

Anya's Ghost (Vera Brosgol) is a gorgeous graphic novel about what life is like when your new best friend has been dead for a century!

No Ordinary Wolf Girl is Emily Pohl-Weary's new book about a young rockstar who just might have a toothy supernatural side to her... Don't forget that Emily will be at the store on October 30 for our Haunted Bookstore event!

Two classics by Neil Gaiman, one of our favourite supernatural story writers: The Graveyard Book and Unnatural Creatures.

Ghosts and Ruins (Ben Catmull) will satisfy your craving for dark and creepy, yet beautiful drawings of - you got it - ghosts and ruins!

For adults:

All the pulpy zombie and ghost stories you could ever desire in these handy collections!

These Ghost Stories from the Everyman's Pocket Editions are less pulp, more "master storyteller", including chillers from Stevenson, Borges, Bowen, Nabokov and Welty.

 Who wouldn't want a book of verse with such a bloody front cover?! Did you even know that "murder poems" was a genre? Well now you do.

 Richard Sala's Delphine is a deliciously creepy graphic novel treat!

 Penguin's Red Classics series is always an excellent choice for those who seek classic, yet lesser-known horror stories. Elizabeth Gaskell's Lois the Witch and Ambrose Bierce's The Spook House are merely two offerings from this series.

 Jeanette Winterson's new book, The Daylight Gate is set in 17th century England and focuses on the fates of women accused of witchcraft. (Don't forget that we offer 20% off hardcover fiction!)

Penguin Horror offers two creepy story collections, with fittingly gross cover art: The Thing on the Doorstep (H. P. Lovecraft) and American Supernatural Tales (ed. S. T. Joshi).

And last but not least, Sherwin Tjia's new You Are a Cat choose your own adventure book, set in the Zombie Apocalypse! Sherwin's having a launch at the store on November 21, but we recommend that you get going on your cat-zombie adventure now!

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