Gorgeous new accordion-style book from Anders Nilsen: Rage of Poseidon!

Anders Nilsen has graced us with yet another stunning book! Rage of Poseidon (published by Drawn & Quarterly) is a breathtaking accordion-style fold-out book that sees Nilsen drawing from Greek, Roman, and Christian mythology to tell a wrenching series of contemporary tales. Humans and their gods have always had fraught relationships, and Nilsen explores this with a graceful humour that often slides into a darker place. We also find him working in a new style, focusing on silhouettes, which are sometimes juxtaposed with his more familiar line drawings.

In the opening section, Poseidon laments the current-day destruction of the world's bodies of water, alongside his own general irrelevance as a god. A waterpark that borrows his name just might set him off... Fun fact: "Poseidon's Rage" is the monicker of an actual waterpark attraction in Wisconsin.

One of my favourite silhouettes in the book depicts the ever-suffering Prometheus, his kidneys still  being eaten over and over again by an eagle.

Here Athena, once revered as the goddess of wisdom, stumbles awake after a rough night. We only start to understand just how rough it was as the pages unfold...

This "diptych" provides a perfect example of how Nilsen brings old stories into the present. In this section, Isaac is a modern-day boy who loves playing videogames. However, just like in that well-known tale, his father might have a terrible plan for him...

Here is the perfect combination of Greek/Roman and Christian stories: Hermes/Mercury the messenger flies off with his winged feet, while on the facing page the angel Gabriel, his wings growing from his back, brings important tidings to a certain Mary.

And, as I mentioned, it's an accordion book! So you can fold out each section, in order to read it as an uninterrupted series.

I urge you to come over here and take a look at this beautiful thing!

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