New In Stock: Best American Infographics 2013

There's a very distinct pleasure that comes with a good infographic. It's a condensation-effect, like consuming a thousand words in a single glance. Sometimes a picture can give you, in one "A-ha!" moment, what it would pages of poring over text to understand.

For this year's Best American Infographics, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Gareth Cook has collected every kind of infographic -- not just the "Tufte-approved" (Edward Tufte, that is, the info-design pioneer), clear-and-organized kind that appears in The New York Times, National Geographic and science magazines, but a lot of more whimsical and creative approaches, too. Check out Tom Scocca’s hand-drawn chart ranking past Super Bowl halftime shows on Alfred Kinsey’s heterosexual-homosexual rating scale, or Gustavo Vieira Diaz's four-point flowchart on "How To Be Happy," or Arthur Buxton's year-by-year pie chart classifying Impressionist painters by colour. From diagrams that will dazzle you with their complexity to charts that make everything simple, this book is full of  visual (and intellectual!) delights. Preview thirteen of them over at Wired.

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