New In Stock: The Wes Anderson Collection!

The subject of the first book from film critic Matt Zoller Seitz is - you guessed it - iconic American director Wes Anderson. This meticulously researched and curated collection of Anderson ephemera is divided into seven chapters corresponding to each of his films. And is there any director more deserving of a book of collected ephemera? Wes Anderson's movies have always been loaded with stuff. No set, prop, or costume in his films is ever incidental. On the contrary, it feels like Anderson assembles a collection of looks, places, songs, objects, and outfits and builds his stories out of them, rather than the other way around. If his movies ever inspired the urge to collect all those tidbits, well, here's the book for you.

Inside this tome, you’ll find enough interviews, tidbits, illustrations and general behind-the-scenes goodies to satiate even the most rabid Anderson fan! Not to get too ahead of ourselves, but this is sure to be a hit gift book come the holidays, you feel me?

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