New magazines!

We've got a veritable cornucopia of new Fall magazines in this week! Check it out:

First up, the ever-popular Kinfolk magazine's ninth issue. The theme? "Days Off". Includes a photo essay on the Art of Bed Making, an interview with NYC chef David Tanis, essays on daytime drinking, the case for sweating, jogging in public, making the most of weekdays, doing nothing, neighbors and swimming, and articles on the ideal farmers market, doing a digital detox program and protecting Saturday. Pretty chill stuff!

The Autumn/Winter 2013 issue of The Travel Almanac features the rugged mug of Matthew Barney and also includes interviews with Linder Sterling and Juergen Teller, and features on Hurtigruten Cruises, Backpacks in the Fjords, and Jogging with Beda Achermann.

The long-awaited fourth issue of n+1-affiliated arts journal Paper Monument includes a history of the artist statement,  a recollection of curating during Occupy Wall Street, a letter to Yoko Ono, and three articles on painting: "Painting Under Obama," "Painting Has Issues," and an article that begins, "Why would anyone who opposes torture interrogate painting?"

And finally, the second issue of HB, a Montreal-based publication that bills itself as "magazine, a gallery on paper, a platform—a dynamic space dedicated to contemporary drawing." Artists in this edition include: Sophie Jodoin, Carl Trahan, Bernard Gamoy, Hugo Gaudet-Dion, Pierre Durette, Mario Doucette, Coco Riot, Mathieu Beauséjour, Fred Laforge, Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Massimo Guerrera, Emilie Roby, Jim Holyoak, Max Wyse, Alisha Piercy, and Gwenessa Lam.

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