RECAP: Emily Southwood's launch for Prude

Last Thursday, October 3, we were delighted to host Emily Southwood for the launch of her new book, Prude: Lessons I Learned When My Fiancé Filmed Porn. The store was packed! The audience was all ears as Emily read several excerpts from her account of coming to terms with her relationship to sex and porn, and her relationship with her then-fiancé (now husband!) on the occasion of his finding a job filming porn for a reality TV series.

Emily was funny and engaging as she read us awkward couple-chats about some of the sexual and physical expectations engendered by mainstream porn (in which, for instance, actresses often play "MILFs" before they hit twenty-five), and recounted some "explicit" conversations about the finer points of today's pornographic vocabulary. She also explained that if it hadn't been for her particular "encounter" with porn, she probably never would have had to think about her relationship to it, and wouldn't have felt as comfortable about herself and her relationship as she does now.

After reading, Emily answered questions from the audience about her inspirations, her working methods, and what she plans to do next (sounds like she might write some fiction!).

Everyone stuck around afterwards for refreshments, and, of course, to get their books signed! Emily kindly signed some extra books for us, so if you missed the event, you can still get your hands on one!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this a wonderful night!

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