Recap: Sophie Cossette Sinemania launch!

We were very excited to host Sophie Cossette the other week for an evening of cinephilia, as she launched her new book of graphic vignettes, Sinemania! Which, as Sophie told the National Post, "It’s not a book of facts, it’s inspired by the truth. Some stuff I embellish, obviously, for the sake of entertainment." And entertainment there was!

Sophie read us a li'l excerpt from the book's introduction, which was full of endearingly sharp jabs at all or our favourite manic movie directors, including Orson Welles, Quentin Tarantino, and even Madonna. Pretty much EVERYONE, in fact, except David Cronenberg, who Sophie informed us had to be unfortunately left out of the book because he is too dang nice.

Sophie was sweet enough to raffle off some original artwork! Then we all hung out and talked about filmic hijinks. Thanks, Sophie and the rest of our lovely guests!

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