Summer Literary Series event recap!!

We had QUITE the spread of books to go along with our Summer Literary Series event the other week, for which we were joined by some of our favorite writers from both near and far!

It was too extensive a spread for just one camera angle, in fact! The Summer Literary Seminars program is a Montreal/Concordia-affiliated tri-continental writing workshop that's been around for more than a decade now.

Melissa Bull, our lovely hostess for the night, read an essay she had published about the program, promising that SLS is an absolutely amazing way to improve your writing, although it won't do much for your relationships. Which is a fair trade, in OUR opinion!

SLS founding director Mikhail Iossel read a topical piece about his reaction to Alice Munro's Nobel win, for which he was also sure to congratulate us, as a country. You're welcome, Mikhail and the rest of the world!

Josip Novanovic read an extremely charming essay about the feline inhabitants of Jerusalem. He also informed us that D&Q is a near-perfect bookstore, EXCEPT that we don't have a resident cat. WELL, Josip:

DULY NOTED. This fella was only our bookstore cat for maybe ten minutes, but you know. Baby steps.

Ann Ward then did us the honor of reading probably the grossest story we've ever heard at a D&Q event, which we all obviously loved.

Finally, regular D&Q reader Mike Spry read a powerful story about a monkey that I'm fairly certain was a metaphor for something. Thanks to everyone for an excellent night!

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