Cookbook Roundup: Gift Ideas!

For the experienced chef: Three new titles from Phaidon! Rene Redzepi: A work in progress, a three book set from the head chef of Noma restaurant in Copenhagen; D.O.M., a guide to authentic Brazilian cuisine by chef Alex Atala; and COI, the first book on the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Coi in San Francisco.

For the fusion chef: Chef Roy Choi, the innovator behind L.A.'s Kogi BBQ taco trucks, takes as on a culinary journey through his city's streets with 60 amazing recipes. For more info, check out this interview with Choi on NPR

For the healthy chef: White on Rice Couple bloggers Todd Porter and Diane Cu bring us over 100 wholesome recipes from their garden and kitchen. On the menu: roasted strawberry scones, spicy roasted cauliflower with sriracha and sesame, olive-baked beet chips, jicama chicken cashew salad, and a ton more!

For the chocoholic: The Mast Brothers, two sibling from Iowa who started a chocolate company in Brooklyn, present a most enticing cookbook. The book shows how chocolate is made at Mast Brothers, tells the story of the company, and provides more delicious recipes than you could ever hope to use, each with its own tooth-ache-inducing photo!

For the history buff: Raised in Moscow in the 1960s, Anya Von Bremzen tells us the story of three Soviet generations, as she and her mother stir up memories their U.S. kitchen by cooking their way through each decade of Soviet history, from chanakhi (Stalin's favourite stew) to blini. 

For the caffeine-o-file: On her search for the best cup of coffee, Liz Clayton travels from one continent to the next, visiting tiny cafes and home kitchens from Iceland to San Diego.

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