Recap - Dakota McFadzean and T Edward Bak event

On November 15, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly hosted Dakota McFadzean and T Edward Bak who were launching their respective books, Other Stories and the Horse You Rode In On and Island of Memory.

Here's Andy of Conundrum Press who was in town, introducing the authors.

First up, Dakota shared a little biographical info with the audience. Some tidbits we learned: he originally hails from Regina, that he attended the Center for Cartoon Studies, and for the last several years he has been writing a daily comic strip (which you can see here!)

Here is a recent one of Dakota's dailies, featuring a very dapper pug dreaming of his wolf ancestry.

He also showed us some of his work from Ghost Rabbit, a project that he begun during his time at the CCS.

Next, T Edward Bak introduced himself and his book. He explained that he once took a job working on a ship in Alaska, which is where he became fascinated with the ecosystem and history of that part of the world. It's from that time that he found the creative fodder for Island of Memory. In particular, he was intrigued by the work of Georg Wilhelm Steller, a Russian naturalist who explored the region in the 1700s and became the subject of Bak's book.

Here is a slide of one of the full-colour panels showing the Alaskan undersea life.

This image shows Steller back at home in Russia with his wife, who tried to make the voyage to Alaska with him, but ultimately opted to stay. Tragically, their parting was permanent.

Both of the authors presentations were very interesting, and we'd like to thank them, as well as Andy from Conundrum and all of the folks who attended for making the evening such a success.

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