RECAP: Pics from the Montreal Review of Books launch!

Last Wednesday, we were very happy to celebrate the newest issue of Montreal's long-running free literary review (this was the forty-second edition!). Our guests included Shelagh Plunkett and Elise Moser, both of whose new books are reviewed in the current MRB, plus Adam Gollner, the issue's MRB's cover star, making his third appearance at the store in the last month (we love this guy)!

Julia Kater, publisher of MRB and executive director of AELAQ, the Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec, gave us a warm welcome.

Then Vanessa Bonneau, associate editor of MRB, introduced the event's authors. First up: Shelagh Plunkett!

Shelagh is a repeat visitor to our store, having launched her book, The Water Here Is Never Blue, here back at the end of August. This enigmatic memoir chronicles her childhood in Indonesia and Guyana and her relationship with her distant father who, as she grows to suspect, was perhaps more than the civil engineer he appeared to be. Why was he constantly being posted to distant countries on the brink of political turmoil? Why did he always have a suitcase packed? Was their phone really tapped? Even after his death, Shelagh never found out whether her father really was a spy, nor does she seem especially troubled by not knowing. Instead, her book chronicles the texture of a life lived in unusual circumstances.

Next, Elise Moser (also known as the president of the Quebec Writers' Federation and the literary editor of The Rover) read from her new YA novel, Lily and Taylor, a dark and quite violent story that deals with young women trying to understand affection and independence in the face of domestic abuse.

Last but not least, Adam Gollner took the stage and regaled us with a hilarious tale from his Book of Immortality (which he also launched here in August) in which he visits the headquarters of a prominent Montreal institution for the training of psychics and mediums. Hijinx ensue!

There was more socializing and drinks (plus a delicious spread of food from the MRB crew) afterwards. Thanks again to everyone who came out!

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