Photos from the Sherwin Tjia launch!

We were super pumped to host local writer, painter & cartoonist Sherwin Tjia, who is also the mastermind behind a bunch of events around town. As you can see, he was here to launch the sequel to his first choose-your-own-adventure novel, You Are a Cat: this time You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Sherwin let us in on all the background behind the book's genesis, with some super fun facts INCLUDING a deleted scene that was a riff on Stand by Me, which is too hilarious as a zombie storyline.

We also got some insight into his process, which involves pretty intense mind maps! These diagrams help him keep track of the plot. 

The book is just as super funny and entertaining as the first, and the presentation also drew many laffs & giggles from the crowd. Thanks Sherwin, and everyone!

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