Recap - Grant Lawrence launch

On November 23, Grant Lawrence paid a visit to Librairie Drawn & Quarterly to launch his new book, The Lonely End of the Rink.

Here's D&Q's own store manager, Jason, doing a li'l intro.

Grant had prepared a rad slideshow of background info from his earlier book, Adventures in Solitude, as well as the new release.

The crowd was in stitches from Grant's stories about the Canadian wilds up at the cottage and his geeky early days as a hockey failure, culminating in the account of eventual hockey acceptance with Vancouver's Flying Vee's. He also read from both books and took some questions (including one from the voice actor behind "Subway. Eat Fresh," and from a couple of members of the Gruesomes, fun fact!)

The presentation was also complemented by some lovely serenades from ex-Montrealer JF Robitaille.

And this is what I love about non-fiction! All the details you couldn't make up if you were trying, including this guy, who squatted on the property next door to Grant's family cottage. It was overall a super fun night, many thanks to Grant, JF, et al!

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