Recap: Tom Howell's "The Rude Story of English" launch

On November 27th, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was pleased to host Tom Howell for his Montreal launch of The Rude Story of English. Gabe Foreman, who illustrated the book, was also present to read some poetry.

Here is Tom regaling us with amusing tales about the origins of the English language. Interesting fact: the word "rood" later evolved to "rude" which used to refer to an obelisk. In showing us images of said obelisks from his book, Tom also made some pretty funny phallic jokes! Teehee!

Next up, Gabe Foreman took the stage to read some of his poetry. First he asked us which Canadian celebrity he most resembled from afar. (His answer: a mix of Wilfred Laurier and Feist!) He treated us to a new poem, never before heard by an audience, about 30 billion jobs that belittle the doer, as well as a poem about Helen of Troy's talking horse!

Next, Tom came back on stage to read some more from The Rude Story of English. Particularly appreciated were his many J.R.R. Tolkien references!

It was an enlightening evening all around. Many thanks to Tom, Gabe and everyone who came out to the launch.

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