Recap: William Buxton and James McLean launch

On December 5, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly hosted a double launch with William Buxton (Harold Innis and the North: Appraisals and Contestations) and James McLean (Inside the NDP War Room: Competing for Credibility in a Federal Election). 

James McLean was first up, and gave a brief rundown of his book in the context of the last federal election which saw the NDP making sweeping gains. He also introduced William Buxton and gave him a hats-off for the publication of his book.

Next up, William Buxton took the stage and spoke of his extensive research on Harold Innis, whose interest in the Canadian North is the subject of William's book. He also thanked the many people who contributed to the work before signing copies for the eager crowd. 

After the authors finished their respective talks, they joined the audience to enjoy drinks, snacks, and plenty of good conversation. Many thanks to William Buxton, James McLean, and everyone who attended and made the event possible.  

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