New in stock: Adult magazine issue one!

After a long wait in which we were all holding our breath, squirming in our seats with our hearts racing, the first issue of Adult magazine has finally arrived at the store. The brainchild of the almost preternaturally-cool Sarah Nicole Prickett, Adult is, as the name suggests, a very sexy magazine -- their own website says it's about "contemporary erotics and experience" -- but it bears more resemblance to the legendary late-60's counterculture mag Avant-Garde than it does to your average Playboy. If you've ever wondered why anyone would buy smut in print in the age of internet porn, here's your answer: it's beautifully-printed on thick matte stock, it's lavishly designed, and, okay, it's not porn as such, even if there's a lot of naked bodies in here (and the c-word right there on the cover). 

Adult is not only sexier than your average literary magazines, it might even be more literary. Where else will you find a thrillingly personal email exchange between Ariana Reines and Rachel Kushner next to a photo essay of bright young things masturbating (inspired by cult author Harry Matthews!)? Other very sexy content includes fiction by Dodie Bellamy, Tamara Faith Berger, and Kristopher Jansma, poems by seven "poets we'd like to fuck," profiles of David Cronenberg and Kenyan-American artist Wangechi Mutu, a tribute to the "zipless fuck" that Erica Jong coined 40 years ago in Fear of Flying, a comic by Chris Randle and Mia Schwarz, and of course a lot of pictures of various bodies by Nancy Reyes, Flora Hanitijo and Henrik Purienne. Come and clasp a copy in your perspiring palms before we sell out!

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