New Sweet Mags!!

Nice fat stack of new mags arrived today....

New and beautiful volume of Printed Pages from those watchdogs of awesome at It's Nice That! This issue features on Nordic design studios, Joe Sacco, illustrator Edward Monaghan's mixtape and much more!

New to the shop and requested more than a few times is classy-fashion- and lifestyle mag Inventory! This, the most recent issue, has features on  the Hamada Pottery and A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Création).

There are a lotta foodie mags out there but we try to keep only the best on hand so I'm happy to report that the newest issue of The Gourmand is in! You'll find articles on leading food stylist and organic model maker Peta O'Brien, film maker Les Blank, the roots of Fish 'n Chips, and the out-of-control bacon trend as well as tons more.

Librairie D+Q, helping to make your coffee table a hot spot since 2007!!

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