TONIGHT! THE ISRAEL TABOO: Mile End’s Joseph Rosen Talking about Talking about Israel

Librairie D+Q in association with the Mile End Chavurah and The Walrus present THE ISRAEL TABOO: Mile End’s Joseph Rosen Talking about Talking about Israel

In order to mark the publication of “The Israel Taboo” in The Walrus, we are delighted to announce that Joseph Rosen, a dear friend of the store, will host an evening of “talking about talking about Israel.” In conversation with Montreal writers and filmmakers, we’ll ask: why it is so difficult to have progressive-critical conversations about Israel and Palestine? Why do people get so angry? How do we avoid becoming combative and antagonistic? And how can we create more productive, open and diverse public conversations?

Joseph Rosen is a writer and teacher who’s spent a long time wrestling with questions of Israel, Palestine, and the non-existence of God. He has lectured academically, written satirically, and debated incessantly.

Our roundtable participants:

Rana Alrabi is a public relations consultant, and radio producer and host with CKUT radio. Rana co-presided the Montreal Dialogue Group for over two years, where she was fascinated by the dynamics of discussing Palestine and Israel between Jews and Palestinians.

Yakov Rabkin is Professor of History at the University of Montréal. His book  A Threat from Within: a Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism (2006) has been translated into 14 languages, and he has just published Comprendre d'État d'Israël: idéologie, religion, société.

Eric Scott is a Montreal filmmaker who’s films include Je me souviens (2002), about the history of anti-Semitism in Quebec, and The Other Zionists (2004), about Israeli activists in the West Bank.

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