B+F by Gregory Benton

An interesting thing happened a few years ago in comics in that all of its past history was laid out before us and cartoonists began taking whatever idiosyncratic path they felt like. Gregory Benton has been making comics for years and they would pop up in obscure anthologies here and there. You never knew when you would luck into a Greg Benton comic but it was always a pleasure. His style is flexible and natural—there's an ease to his cartooning and his characters are knotty and tense. So, all of a sudden out of nowhere Greg drops B+F on us and it simultaneously feels like something from comics past and something that looks towards the future. B+F is a wordless adventure comic featuring a Big Dog and a Naked Lady. It's like a lost Heavy Metal magazine serial with its tasteful nudity and dense jungles and exploding volcanos but given a prestige treatment. But on the other hand, it's thoroughly modern in that nothing is played for prurient interest and there's a rollicking adventure to be had so no time to wonder why this dog and this woman are even in this place or what this place is. The gorgeous complex colouring adds to this atmosphere that Greg was swept up and frantically trying to get all the information down as quickly as it came to him. This book has an element of possession to it, like it was controlling the artist's hand and all he could do was follow orders. A rare thing of beauty, this book.

And, hey, Greg is coming to the store next week (Friday, March 7th 7:00 PM) so come on down and meet him and ask him how the hell he pulled this book off!

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