Event Recap: Michael DeForge's ANT COLONY launch!

On Thursday, January 30, we were delighted to welcome acclaimed cartoon artist Michael DeForge to the store to launch Ant Colony, his first full-length graphic novel (published by Drawn and Quarterly)! The store was packed, the wine flowed freely, and we all gained some insight into the work and outlook of one of the most exciting and prolific comics artists of the times.

If you weren't able to make it (or perhaps were just unable to fit into the crowded store!), I hope you will be comforted by this photo montage.

Ant Colony was laid out in all its strange glory, flanked by the ever-popular Lose, issues 4 and 5.

As could be expected, the store was full to bursting with friends and fans! We often judge the success of our events by the level of window-fogging, and let me tell you, you couldn't see through those things!

Store staff member Saelan gave Michael a glowing (and well-deserved) introduction!

Michael let us in on some of the secrets of his creative process. One of them is to delete work frequently. This seemed to alarm some audience members, but Michael maintains that he has never regretted deleting a comic that wasn't doing it for him anymore. We were privy to images of work, both old and recent, that Michael has worked hard to remove from the sphere of the living. He had to track down scans from old comics reviews to retrieve many of these images.

He also spoke of his preference for working one page at a time, rather than planning a narrative beforehand and filling it out. This might explain why his serialized comics are so addictive - no one knows what will happen next, not even him!

Here we see a rare example of a one-frame DeForge comic. It may not be his favourite style, but this one's still pretty great, no?

All that Michael salvaged from this beardful comic was how to draw the perfect baby (bottom left).

Another comic that didn't survive, involving a gang whose members distinguish themselves by wearing assorted bags on their heads. Creepy.

Following his presentation, Michael was interviewed by Drawn and Quarterly's Managing Editor Tracy Hurren (whose birthday it was, incidentally!).

During Tracy's interview, and the subsequent Q&A session, Michael chatted further about his artistic process, as well as his childhood celebrity crushes (Sigourney Weaver and Prince loomed large), and his exercise regime (somewhat similar to that of Murakami, although stopping short of the ultra-marathon).

After a rollicking Q&A session, everyone lined up to get their copies of Ant Colony signed! 

Michael kindly signed extra copies for the store. We still have a bunch here for you - come and get yourself a copy!

Michael is still on tour - you can catch him in various American cities from now until February 15th:

BERKELEY | Thursday, February 6th, 7:30 pm
Pegasus Books
with Anders Nilsen (Rage of Poseidon)!

LOS ANGELES | Friday, February 7th, 7:30 pm
Skylight Books
with Anders Nilsen (Rage of Poseidon)!

CHICAGO | Saturday, February 8th, 7 pm

ST. LOUIS | Sunday, February 9th, 4 pm
Star Clipper

BALTIMORE | Tuesday, February 11th, 7 pm
Atomic Books

PHILADELPHIA | Wednesday, February 12th, 7 pm
Locust Moon Comics

BROOKLYN | Saturday, February 15th, 8 pm
Bergen Street Comics

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