Event Recap: Serafim & Claire Book Launch

This past Friday, February 7th, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly hosted a book launch of Mark Lavorato’s Serafim & Claire, published by House of Anansi Press. Mark was joined by Ian McGillis, author of the novel A Tourist's Guide to Glengarry and columnist for the Montreal Gazette.
This stack was significantly smaller by the end of the night, we can tell ya that.
The store was packed with excitable, avid Canadian fiction readers, which made for a great Q&A post reading.
Here is the marvelous Kira giving Mark's introduction.
Mark began by reading from Serafim & Claire, introducing us first to Serafim, an immigrant in the 1920s involved in photography, and then Claire, a Quebecois dancer.
Afterwards, Ian asked Mark when he first knew he wanted to be a writer. Mark said it was when he was in the Guatemalan jungle: he wanted to use his skill for storytelling to shed light on human rights issues. When asked about the love story most readers assumed was at the heart of Serafim & Claire, Mark explained that instead of being a traditional romantic pairing, Serafim & Claire is more about what happens when you are completely devoted to your art. The two artists are falling in love with their art form, not necessarily simply with each other.

As a bonus, dear readers, please witness the most adorable puppy to be in attendance at a Drawn & Quarterly event (that may be disputed, we have no facts to back that up).

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