Just In: Adventure Time #4!

We've been getting calls about this one, so we now you're excited...and who wouldn't be? I know we are! Like Comics Alliance said, "It's consistently great, to the point where it's probably a little tiresome to always be hearing about how great it is." If you haven't caught the Adventure Time bug yet, what are you waiting for? This newest volume comes with a big emblem on the front indicating that Adventure Time was the 2013 Eisner winner for "Best Publication for Kids," but obviously non-kids can also enjoy some adventurous times.

This collection is entirely written by the highly reliable Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics fame), illustrated by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, and includes such mathematical delights as: Magic Man, a section where the characters talk only in emoticons, the Ice King's Hall of Just Ice, and a dungeon for TRUE ULTIMATE HEROES ONLY, known as the Nightosphere's Nightmareosphere (actually a toroid). Also, an actual real-life mailman's outfit! Get into it!

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