New Arrivals: Homemade Living Series books!

I know it may not seem like it right now, Montrealers, but winter is ending soon (right?!) and it's time to get back to actually doing things that don't involve Netflix and hot chocolate. 

The Homemade Living series teaches you everything you need to know about a variety of DIY tasks, spanning from beekeeping to canning. The books are brimming with information, all of it presented in a friendly and inviting way.

Home Dairy teaches you the basics of making your own dairy products, starting with relatively simple DIY methods for butter and escalating to advanced cheeses and ice cream. It even has recipes for body care products!

The book also includes great resources and a nice light chapter on the origin of home dairy and creamery.

Canning has always seemed like a daunting concept to me, but the Homemade Living book makes it seem fun and inspiring; I have no visions of myself crying over a stove, cutting up an infinite number of beets. It has great recipes, and shortcuts galore.

How can you possibly say no to strawberry jam and quick pickles?

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