New in stock: Shackleton's Journey by William Grill!

Brand new from our friends at Flying Eye Books, Shackleton's Journey is a historical account of Ernest Shackleton's antarctic expedition of 1914-17 for young readers.William Grill brings the story to life with exploded details cataloguing individual crew members and provisions taken on the voyage, alternated with vivid, full-page illustrations that evoke the isolation of a ship lost amongst ice floes or tossed on freezing waves.

Look at this fastidious detail!

These pages are like infographics: a dense concoction of fascinating historical information and charming aesthetic rendering.

And then pages like these convey more action and drama. Setting sail, woo!

There's a number of beautiful maps...

And then these gorgeous, full-page landscapes. Sometimes with informative text, like this one...

And sometimes devoted totally to suspenseful atmosphere.

All in all, a captivating narrative that will seize the imaginations of young readers!

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