Silkscreening Workshop with Leyla

The first silkscreening workshop of 2014 has just wrapped up, and it was by all accounts a roaring success! If you missed out, not to worry - we'll be hosting another session with Leyla starting on March 11th. Here are some photos from the session that just finished, to whet your appetite:

Here are some fresh prints in blue and yellow ink hanging up to dry. How did the finished product come to be? With lots of preparation from the participants under Leyla's expert guidance!

Here's everyone hard at work on day one, drawing up a storm.

Learning some software basics is helpful to bring your idea to fruition.

Leyla gave a demo of the light table, another handy piece of equipment.

And now for the fun part...out come the inks!

The end result: these multi-coloured masterpieces!

We'd like to thank Leyla, and all of the participants for a great workshop. It was so nice to observe the process from beginning to end, and to see everyone learning so much. The possibilities are endless with silkscreening! If you'd like to learn this awesome skill yourself, there are still some spaces available in Leyla's next workshop.

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