SUNNY (is a car) and Taiyo Matsumoto (is a cartoonist)

How did I not read these books until now? I knew Taiyo Matsumoto's SUNNY was a must read when I first heard about it and then time just slipped away but I'm here to tell you that this book is the real deal. Matsumoto has a great "power drawing" style kind of like Farel Dalrymple or Paul Pope and delivers great images page after page and he's no slouch in the writing department either.

I admit to having no clue what these books were about when I cracked them so here's a brief synopsis: SUNNY is set at a foster home in Japan in what is likely the mid-70s and centers on the lives of the kids and caretakers there. The stories are episodic and overlapping and we tend to see the day-in/day-out of each kid as they spend their time fighting, living, going to school/surviving. The beauty of this book is that it isn't either a nightmare world or some sort of decency fantasy—the kids fight with or stick up for each other in a very real way. The grownups are neither monsters nor saints. It's very good and I think I could actually read these "adventures" forever. I know there is a third volume planned but I don't know more beyond that but three or eight volumes, I am on board.

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