Event recap: Sophie Yanow's launch for War of Streets and Houses

On Thursday, March 20, we were delighted to host Sophie Yanow for the launch of her new graphic novel War of Streets and Houses (Uncivilized Books)!

Look at how good the French and English editions look side by side!
Sophie welcoming her guests. The store was totally packed! 
Helen, the store Events Coordinator, giving a short introduction
After greetings and introductions, Sophie took to the stage! Accompanying her presentation with a slideshow of her work, she told us about her comics-related trajectory. Initially dissuaded from an illustrious comics career by Seth's warning that "You should get ready to be alone if you want to do comics", she ended up get excited about comic memoir through the work of Gabrielle Bell - and the rest is history! Sophie is from California, but after landing a residency at the Maison de la bande dessinĂ©e, she has stayed on in this chilly city. 

Having watched Occupy Oakland unfold from afar, Sophie became interested in documenting the Montreal student strike in comic form. She started making daily journals during the strike and learned to trust memoir as a valid artistic form. She discussed the effectiveness of obfuscation in comics, particularly when dealing with situations of protest or police encounters. 

Sophie then read us two excerpts from War of Streets and Houses, with the accompanying slides, of course!

The audience was rapt!

Sophie then did a Q&A session, in which she talked more about her editorial process, how to include friends in a book without revealing their identities, and revealed a possible future project..!

If you missed the event, we still have some signed copies of both the English and French editions of War of Streets and Houses. Sophie's signing method is to draw different things in each book, so the signed editions are particularly worth having!

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