In Stock: Worn Fashion Journal: Issue 18

Everyone's favourite Toronto-based fashion journal is back with #18: The Underwear Issue. From hilariously anachronistic Victorian crotch less panties to the art of pasties, underwear is ripe to discuss. There's a great piece about nylons, which everyone remembers seeing their moms put on for ~very special~ occasions, and a beautiful photo spread of people with all sorts of body types in their skivvies. Pick it up, bask in the glory of bloomers, and enjoy!

Open-crotch panties: all the rage when you have two hundred layers of petticoat.

And don't forget, it's all Worn all the time: The Worn Archive comes out April 21st, and our Worn event will be at the Sala Rossa on Thursday, April 22nd (7:00pm).

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