Montreal Review of Books Spring event recap!

On Friday, March 14th, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was pleased to host the Montreal Review of Books as they facilitated an evening of readings by Ann Charney, Christopher DiRaddo, and Elaine Kalman Naves. 

Julia opened the evening by introducing the authors and saying a few words about the MRB.

Also included in the intro was a moving dedication to Judy Mappin, champion of Canadian literature, who passed away on February 14, 2014. 

Following a toast to Judy, Melanie, the editor of MRB introduced the first author of the evening, Ann Charney, who read from her novel Life Class.

Ann explained that Life Class came from the desire to explore a life of adventure. Over the course of the story, the protagonist learns to navigate the treacherous world of the art business. She finds her own ambitions beginning to take shape during her travels. Ann read two excerpts which were unrelated to each other. One was from a chapter when Narina, the main character, is in Venice, and one was from a chapter when she is in Manhattan.

Next, Melanie introduced Christopher DiRaddo, who took the stage to read from his debut novel, The Geography of Pluto.

The Geography of Pluto is about a young gay man in Montreal and his relationship with his mother, as well as the loves of his life. Christopher read an excerpt from the first chapter of the book, which certainly made everyone want to read more. Christopher also explained that this was the first public reading for this work! 

After Christopher's reading, Melanie came back up to introduce the final reader of the night, Elaine Kalman Naves, who read from her book, Portrait of a Scandal: The Abortion Trial of Robert Notman

Elaine began by saying how thankful she was for the positive reviews that Portrait of a Scandal has been receiving. The book is part mystery, part courtroom drama, and part historical. It recounts the story of Robert Notman’s affair with a young teacher from McGill, who later received an abortion, causing quite a stir in the community.

Following the readings, the audience enjoyed some refreshments and visited with the authors. Julia also reminded everyone that MRB will be at Blue Metropolis Festival on Saturday May 3, and to sign up for the newsletter for more information. A big thank you to everyone for coming out to the event!

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