New in stock: Janet Werner - Another Perfect Day!

We just received this beautiful catalogue from Winnipeg-born, Montreal-based painter Janet Werner! Published through Saskatoon's Kenderdine Art Gallery, Another Perfect Day is lavishly-illustrated with Werner's uncanny and expressionistic "pictures of women," whose very painterly distortions and compressions of bodies and costumes aptly capture the anxious vicissitudes of contemporary female selfhood -- looking and being looked-at in the pressurized era of reality TV, tumblr moodboards, and ubiquitous selfies. Almost as enticing as Werner's confectionery brushwork are the contributions by writers, which include a poem by Anne Carson, essays by painter John Kissick and writer David Balzer, and an interview by venerable critic (and Order of Canada awardee) Robert Enright -- all appearing in both French and English.

We have to admit that there's a certain appropriateness about this book arriving the day after Vogue's Kim-and-Kanye cover issue hit the stands. Like Kanya fave George Condo, Werner has a particular aptitude for translating the visual modes of celebrity culture, fashion, and advertising into paint on canvas. Bravo, Janet!

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