Now in Stock: L'autobus by Marianne Dubuc

Man it rules it to be a kid when the pool of books to choose from includes the likes of this: Marianne Dubuc's newest illustrated masterpiece, L'autobus, came out last week, and it is marvelous.

L'autobus follows Clara as she embarks on her very first bus trip sans parents, an experience I'm sure we all remember as being simultaneously terrifying and ridiculously exciting. Armed with some snacks and a vest in case she gets cold (she never gets cold), she finds herself making new friends, people-watching, and even stopping a pick-pocketer.

Dubuc takes advantage of the book's format to incorporate beautiful panoramas of what seems like the most impossibly long bus of all time, and her detailed, adorable characters are entrancing. L'autobus is written & illustrated by Marianne Dubuc and published by comme des géants.

Marianne Dubuc studied Graphic Design at Université du Québec. She's an illustrator and author who has written a number of very popular children's books, including Le lion et l'oiseau, La mer, and Devant ma maison.

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