The Blighted Eye! A feast of original comic art!

Calling all comics fiends! The Blighted Eye: Original Comic Art from the Glenn Bray Collection (Fantagraphics) is now in store and it is a strange and wondrous feast. Behold its glory!

The Blighted Eye is the most copious, the most diverse, and the most lavish compilation of original comic art ever published — all from the mind-boggling collection of Glenn Bray. Bray was an enthusiast of marginal or outsider American pop culture when he started to collect original comic art in 1965 — a time when very few people, including the artists themselves, truly valued the original art. Bray has, over the last nearly 50 years, amassed the most eclectic collection of original comic art in private hands. The Blighted Eye is not only the greatest collection of original art ever produced, but a testament to Bray's dogged and visionary commitment to preserving the work by the greatest artists working in an art form habitually sneered at by cultural gatekeepers throughout most of the 20th century.

Naturally, the collection features original art by many Librairie Drawn & Quarterly favourites, including Daniel Clowes, Robert Crumb, Jaime Hernandez and Chris Ware:

Two Eightball covers and a birthday card (!) by Daniel Clowes
"What're Ya Tryin' T'Do?!" (unpublished) and "Neato Keeno" (from 1968) by Robert Crumb
Loving this full page action stage action shot from Jaime Hernandez!
Poster for the 2nd Annual Cardigan Festival and The Acme Novelty Library #7 cover by Chris Ware
There are also some extra special features, such as a multi-page spread showcasing a variety of artists' original Krampus/Devil cards. Glenn Bray commissioned them himself when he found that he had exhausted the world's existing Krampus holdings!

Just try and stay away from this book of temptation, I dare you!

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