TONIGHT: The Second (EVER) D+Q Graphic Novel Club meeting!

You guys, the book club train is rolling, and at its helm is the glorious and talented (gloriously talented?) Julie Delporte. Julie is an artist and author of the children’s book Je suis un raton laveur, the graphic novel Journal, and the upcoming D+Q title (!) Everywhere Antennas. 

Much like the "previously on" section from an episode of Degrassi, let us refresh your memory on what the D+Q book club is. Every six weeks we'll have a new meeting, hosted by D+Q bookstore or D+Q publishing house staffers, who will each choose GNs both new and old, D+Q and non, to discuss between the comfortable four walls of the bookstore. Refreshments will be provided and discussion will be lively! Come, one, come all, bring a's free to attend and 20% discount on that month's selection for the entire month! Speaking of which...March/April's selection is: 

Sylvie Rancort's Mélody!

Mélody follows the life of an erotic dancer in the bars of Montreal during the early 1980s. Rancourt leads readers through the often troubling and hazardous life of a woman in her line of work. The book is a fascinating look at the type of story that isn't always at the forefront of the mainstream comics world, and its candor is refreshing.

We are fully stocked, so come pick up a copy and get your talking points outlined, if you're into that sort of thing. We look forward to seeing you!

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