Event recap: Arjun Basu launches Waiting for the Man

On Thursday, April 3, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was happy to host esteemed Montreal author, Arjun Basu, as he launched his novel, Waiting for the Man.

Waiting for the Man chronicles the transformative journey of protagonist Joe, a materially successful, yet disillusioned 36-year old Manhattan-based copywriter on his quest to find the meaning of life. Increasingly, Joe begins to listen to an enigmatic man who appears to him in dreams, and guides him to travel West in order to find the meaning that he seeks.

Arjun had prepared a delightful and highly amusing PowerPoint presentation to accompany his reading. For all the social media savvy folks in the audience, he even had a slide encouraging everyone to use the book's hashtag! #waitingfortheman is sure to be trending in no time!

In this passage, Joe contemplates the fact that his waistline appears to have increased proportionally with his income and his fondness for Italian cuisine. Bonus points for the delicious pizza imagery!

This slide introduces a character named Sophie who works at a perfume counter in a Montreal department store (which may or may not be The Bay in Anjou!)

No PowerPoint presentation could be complete without the obligatory pie chart, and Arjun's was no exception.

After Arjun wrapped up his presentation, he signed copies of his book while the audience enjoyed some refreshments, all to the sweet sounds of Arjun's specially curated Waiting for the Man playlist, which you are also invited to enjoy here. It was a great evening, and we wish to extend our thanks to Arjun as well as to all of the lovely attendees for making the launch so enjoyable.

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